Are you moving to Madrid? Are you an English speaking expatriate coming to work or to study in this town and you do not speak Spanish? Trust our experience and your stay in the capital will be a success.

MADRIDEM offers you a wide range of relocation services in English. We cover all aspects of the relocation process. We deal with all administration services before your arrival: accommodation search for short or long stays, administrative formalities, childcare or school searches, and any other service you might need.

Ultimately you may be looking to leave your property. So when the time comes to move on, MADRIDEM will support your repatriation and manage contract cancellations to make the move smooth and stress-free.

With MADRIDEM, settling in Madrid or leaving the capital will be easier and quicker. Our experienced English speaking consultants are aware of your needs and offer you complete advice and guidance on all areas.

Welcome to Madrid !

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